It is clear to anyone paying attention that the west and its respective governments have disclosed the nature of UFOs and aliens many times. The only reason that it is not a commonly held belief that we are not alone, is that the media simply hasn’t shouted it into our collective faces. It hasn’t been directly shoved down our throats and that is enough for most people to ignore it. The sheer amount of evidence both for sightings and abductions is remarkable and keep in mind that not only is it likely that as a civilian, we are only privy to about 5% of it, but it is basically guaranteed.

As of right now, most westernised governments (and a large portion of others as-well) are of the official position that UFOs do indeed exist, that they do not know where they have come from, that the government is not in control of them and that they do not believe that the UFOs are weapons from another (human) government. However, we must also be aware that it is the default position of these governments to deceive the population, it always has been and it will continue to be so. This further complicates things and our understanding of the phenomena as we cannot trust that the local governments are not more aware of the phenomena or even the ones behind it.

This is why we must make all efforts to understand our reality and our place in it, as the explanation will not be presented to us on a silver platter but rather dug out of the unforgiving earth with our own bare hands.