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I'll get the ball rolling and mention my first close contact.

It was late 2004, a summer night in queensland. The front door to my house was open and I was sitting in the lounge room of my house, roughly 5 metres from the front door and the well lit verandah just beyond it. My friend was clattering around in the kitchen behind me and cause me to turn around. As I did, I noticed a small creature standing at the edge of the light being cast from my house. It stood about 3' 1/2'' to 4' feet, was covered in a grey, skin tight suit, had a rather large head and very spindly arms and legs. It's eyes were enormous. After we locked eyes, it turned and ran, stage left. About 1 or 2 seconds after, anther ran past in the same direction and I took off closely behind them. I wasn't sure what I had seen, nor was I afraid, for the moment and I but determined to discover who it was. Unfortunately, or rather fortunately, once i stepped into my yard there was no sign of them, not for the 50 metres that I could see. This didn't sit well with me and I was filled with a sense of overwhelming dread, and promptly returned inside and tried to forget.