All of the ancient world was linked by common technology, common religion, common theology, even identical creation myths. All ancient cultures speak of great floods, and while this may be explainable by human psychology or simply being a product of our environment, the links are too numerous and too voluminous to simply explain away with isolated explanations for each occurrence.

These similarities are not simple little techniques or practices that we may find amusing to ponder about, these similarities include creating megalithic structures out of granite we can barely carve or move TODAY, in the 2020s. These people seemed to have the ability so shape granite with such ease, that they ignored simple architectural practices because it was simply easier to carve an inch out of a granite doorway to make it taller than to simply raise the door frame.

This youtube video (The Untold truth behind ancient Egyptian technologies) perfectly outlines the ability of our ancestors to manipulate granite in ways that we consider ludicrous today, However, it appears apparent.

If that isn’t sufficient evidence to consider the possibility of a unified ancient world (or atleast a mobile one), consider the boomerangs found in Giza or the Egyptian hieroglyphs found in the blue mountains. In fact, Australia has some beautiful Monoliths, or Megaliths, depending on how you look at them. The ancient people of “Uru” existed between 30 and 50 thousand years ago in the region of the Flinders ranges, South Australia.

This absolutely amazing conference speech exemplifies Our hidden history and lost knowledge

Two headed snake representing the movement of space-time, confined to an ever lasting re-cycle. Also a symbol for the great wheel. The Ouroboros is an ancient symbol tracing all the way back to the beginning of all recorded history. In it’s earliest form: the two headed snake represents the passage of space time. When entwined upon a staff, it represents the wielder as enlightened and powerful.

Murals and mysteries of the maya – William Saturno
Ancient Mayan mural with depiction of Ouroboros (in its original form) in the beak of the Principal Bird Deity (PBD) (indicating it’s mastery over space-time) 32:12, Sun and darkness in its wings (morning star, black hole sun). The PBD was slain by the “one” (All numbers are multiples of one, all sciences converge to a common point, all wisdom comes out of one centre, and the number of wisdom is one. – Paracelsus) so that the “real” sun may rise (saturn was believed to be the original sun, morning star). Sacrifices were then made to bring the world into one of submission, subjugation under kings. These were the incense, Deer, Turkey and catfish. each sacrificed toward a cardinal direction represented by a tree, of which belonged to a bird much like the PBD.

Billy Carson – The Ancient emerald Tablets and the Secrets of the universe
36,000 year old Jade Tablets claim that Thoth, essentially the enlightened one, created the great pyramids so that it may, in the future, awaken his dormant spirit which currently resides among mankind.

The great pyramid is also known by the locals as Hufu’s Horizon. This is an odd name until you begin to understand the dimensions of the pyramid itself. The first thing to note is that the base is roughly 3.14159 X than it is tall. Then you begin to realise that its location is at 29.9789881417676 299792458 which is really close to the speed of light (99.9%), in metres, for some reason. Then it becomes apparent throughout the entire structure that the metre is integral part of the architecture, expressible in the designs, in metres, are PHI(Φ), PI(π), E(Euler’s number), C (speed of light) among a dozen other “sacred” numbers. One must come to the conclusion that both the metre and the current understand of longitude and latitude still persist from atleast this time, if not long before. It also happens that the earth is almost exactly 40 million metres around the circumference.

Far stranger than we initially thought… Mysteries of the great pyramid

As explained, much better than I ever could, one can imagine the pyramid (due to its unique dimensions) as occupying/representing a spheroid shape, representative of the entire earth in some uncannily fascinating ways.

Considerable and quite convincing evidence for ancient humans, as in, really ancient humans, exists. It exists in broad daylight, simply ignored or explained away in ways that require special circumstances like creating new categories, even news species in the face of apparently inexplicable evidence.

Archaeological Evidence of The Hidden History of The Human Race